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Oct 7, 2012 11:30pm EDT
his son this week, joe unitas. that was a special, special treat. obviously, feeling that we had their blessing and support in us breaking this record and couldn't have happened in a better way. >> michele: you said it's a team win and so many people involved. you asked the commissioner for special permission to have sean payton, along with mickey loomis and joe vitt here. how do you think payton's presence in the building tonight might have impacted this team and this performance? >> gave us some good mojo for sure. i love my coach. i love my coach. so glad he could be here. mickey, joe vitt as well. special for our team. special that they could be a part of this night with the record. just overcome with emotion right now. but, hopefully, it's the first of many opportunities we have of things like this as a team. >> michele: drew, is it a little bit sweeter that this came against the team that drafted you and then let you go, the chargers? >> yeah. i figured you guys are no dummies when you scheduled this on "sunday night football," week five. to be honest, with you i didn't thi
Oct 11, 2012 11:00pm EDT
buck."' name debume >> in tonight's commitment 2012 update, but president joe biden and congressman paul run a wasted no time trading barbs in tonight's one and only vp debate. >> most people in the press and in the public seem to agree that tonight was a great debate, spirited, with no holds barred on either side. >> the site is going to say there by one. what was often i was really lively debate with candidate repeatedly going after one another. the first topic on the table was foreign policy. republican paul ryan was on the attack, accusing the president of making america less safe. >> what we are watching on our tv screens is the unraveling of the obama foreign-policy pierre >> vice-president joe biden hit back. >> with all due respect, that is a bunch of malarkey. not a single thing he said was accurate. >> ryan guzy obama administration of misleading the american people about the deadly consular attack in benghazi. >> it took the president two weeks to acknowledge this was a terrorist attack. >> we will get to the bottom of it and wherever the facts lead, we will make clear th
Oct 12, 2012 11:00pm EDT
's debate. joe biden said we were not told about requests for more security in libya after a state department official testified to the contrary this week. nicole has more on that and other claims made last night. >> i am sure you observed last night, we had a little bit of a debate. >> today after the debate, and joe biden was still full of expression. paul ryan also. >> a debrief from the duo following their kentucky clash. stuff. is a bunch of it is inaccurate. we irish call it malarkey. >> no matter what they call the, the claims were flying. including this question from ryan to joe biden on the stimulus. >> was it a good idea to spend taxpayer dollars on windmills in china? >> that is mostly false, according to politicfacts. >> this is a common talking. we have heard from many republicans. they have glossed over and twisted the details of these things. >> the vice president may have been doing some twisting of his own when he made this comment. >> their ideas are old and that they eliminate the guarantee of medicare. >> they made this one half true. >> it is a matter of debate
Oct 10, 2012 11:00pm EDT
voters believe paul ryan will outperform vice president joe biden in smarm night's debate. that same poll shows that 34% expect the vice president to do better. joe biden is expected to arrive there tomorrow. paul ryan is already in town. he says he has a few nerves but he will be ready. >> jill biden is one of the most extreme debaters in modern politics. but the achilles heel the has as president obama's politics. >> become watched the debate live here on the dba ltv 11 -- you can watch the debate live here on wblal tv 11. >> atta mitt romney mentioned a bird in the debate, costumes of big bird started sliding off the shells. during the debate, mitt romney said if elected he would end federal subsidies for pbs to help balance the federal budget. with november 6 fast approaching, we are your hopes for a complete campaign coverage. tilden permission about the issues that matter to you are available -- detailed information about the issue that mattered to are available online and on your smartphone or tablet. >> a day after agreeing to a plea deal, tiffany alston has been suspended from of
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4